The photos below show a variety of recent projects that I've made.


Shaman's Dream Wall hanging

I made this wall hanging with rock art designs for friends.


Alphabet Sampler Quilt

I sewed and appliqued this quilt and Nancy Stein machine quilted it. I recently donated this quilt to Literacy Connects for them to use for a raffle fundraiser.  The raffle has online tickets available until November 30 at:   The quilt is currently on display at the Literacy Connects office in Tucson, Arizona


Extra large heart of gratitude

This is one of the first hearts that I made.  It's extra large size leaves plenty of room for adding photos,  papers, etc.


Desert living wall hanging

I used my own hand dyed fabrics for this small wall hanging which I made for myself to celebrate the joy of living in the desert. 


Crop Circle wall hanging 

The design for this piece is from a crop circle which appeared in Hampshire, England in July 2001.  The portal design is both meditative and inspiring to me so I have it hanging in my sewing room.