Special requests are Welcome!

The photo to the right is an example of a special order journal which I made recently.  This journal was gifted to a new mother.  The woodland animal motif, baby name and birth date were all specified and I was able to quickly sew this journal so that the first time mom could begin writing a daily journal entry about her baby.

I am happy to work with you to sew a journal in your favorite colors and featuring a design that is dear to your heart or that would make a perfect gift. 

Would you like your journal cover to be decorated with your favorite animal or totem?   Do you have an image that represents what you want to create or bless in your life?  I will do my best to incorporate your ideas into a personalized journal cover or Heart of Gratitude.

The blue journal cover was made for a couple getting married.  Their wedding theme was travel.  The hot air balloon design perfectly captures that feeling of being launched into their new life together.

Pricing for special requests will be reasonable, starting at $5 extra for the embroidery motif.   Feel free to email me at the address below with questions or requests. 


Questions? Comments?  Special Requests?

I'd love to hear from you! 

Email me, Celia at goldencirclequilting@gmail.com




I would still be sewing traditional quilts if it were not for the wonderful guidance of Linda Johns, an inspirational healer, animal communicator, and energy teacher in the Tucson, Arizona area.  She relayed the original idea for the Hearts of Gratitude to me as a message from my spirit guides, and this began my new quilting journey.  Click on the link below to access Linda's website.


Since I live in Arizona, I wanted to share one of our desert surprises.  This photo shows a Night Blooming Cereus.  The flower on this cactus opens at night only once a year and will close forever the next morning.   It represents my wish that all of us have our moment to shine and ability to leave a legacy of beauty wherever we are in life.