With Golden Circle Quilting I've combined my love of quilting with an appreciation for both the healing and meditative aspects of color, sacred geometry and energy on the pieces I create.  My goal is that each item I make will brighten your day, bring you joy or enhance your spiritual practice. 

Will a beautiful journal encourage you to keep track of your dreams?  Will a Heart of Gratitude remind you to count your blessings or set your intention to create something new in your life?  Will a treasure bag motivate you to bring along your sacred stones or crystals to an energy class?  On a hike?  I wish to inspire you to create your heart's desires. 

Please scroll down to see the kinds of items I make and click on the images to see what's currently available for each type.   If you don't see a design which speaks to you, I'm happy to sew custom items.  Please see my special requests page for a sample.   Thanks for your interest!


Hearts of Gratitude

What do you want to create in your life?  What do you want blessed?  I make these Hearts of Gratitude to inspire you to think about and energize your dreams. 

Opening your heart in gratitude is the key to manifesting your heart's desires.   This Heart of Gratitude allows you to place all your desires into the sacred space of gratitude to be blessed and multiplied. 

There is no limit to how these hearts may be used.  Write down your goals, your blessings or your dreams and put these notes inside the hearts.   Place photos of loved ones inside the heart, encourage prosperity by placing checks within; whatever you would like to energetically bless with love and gratitude will be perfect for your heart.


Covered Journals

Each of these hardbound journals are covered in padded fabric with an embroidered design.  The journal has ruled pages and includes a ribbon to mark your place as well as a small envelope pocket on the inside back cover.  The decorative 9 x 5 1/2 inch covers are removable and replacement journals are readily available. 


Treasure bags

Treasure bags allow you to carry your special stones, crystals, pendulums, or other treasures whenever you want them with you.  The quilted fabric provides padding to protect your precious items, and each bag has a ribbon drawstring closure with decorative buttons.  Prices vary depending on the fabric and size.


Quilted Pouches

Quilted pouches protect crystals and other small items so you can carry them securely.  Each pouch is handmade and has a top velcro closure.  Sizes vary, so find one that's the perfect fit for your crystals or other special pieces. 

I'm sewing new items every day.  If you have a special request for a particular embroidery design or fabric, please contact me, Celia, and I'll see if I can turn your vision into reality.